Who we are?

We are a collective that develops project based collaborations with designers and undertakes their management.

What we want?

We want designers to do their magic while we work on letting whole world know about it.

We want to bring a fresh perspective to the contemporary design scene in Turkey while helping Turkish designers expand their notions of design knowledge and translates into an intercultural experience.

We dream provide a space for intercultural interaction.

What we do?

We initiate projects that will bring Turkish designers together with other local and international designers.

We also work as a connector to match different designers through existing projects and create a new age design community with strong connections.

Once the project is set, we deal with all the communication aspects before, during and after the collaboration.

Holding an attitude that is open to a variety of design disciplines and ways of thinking, we create a communication network among designers and design enthusiasts.

We curate designers’ experiences online through providing the latest and most interesting news, articles and discussions on contemporary design.